TOAST The Online Argument Structures Tool
from ARG-tech

TOAST has a RESTful API, to allow you to use it in your own applications.

The base URL for the API is:

The following methods are available:

POST evaluate

Description: evaluates an argumentation theory, returning a JSON description


Note that the format of the above parameters is identical to the format used to enter them into the web-based interface. Please consult the web help for information.

Data can be posted to the web service either as a set of key/value pairs, or as a JSON string. For instance, using cURL:

curl -d "premises=p;q;&rules=[r1] p=>s;&contrariness=q^p;"


{"wellformed":true,"result":"","extensions":[["A1: q"]],"arguments":["A3: A2=>s","A2: p","A1: q"],"defeat":["A1>A3","A1>A2"]}

Alternatively, posting JSON:

curl -d '{"premises":"p;q;","kbPrefs":"p<q;","rules":"[r1] p=>s;[r2] s=>t;[r3] q=>u;","rulePrefs":"[r1]<[r2];[r1]<[r3];[r3]<[r2];","contrariness":"t-u;","link":"weakest"}'


{"wellformed":true,"result":"","extensions":[["A2: p","A1: q","A4: A1=>u","A3: A2=>s"]],"arguments":["A3: A2=>s","A5: A3=>t","A2: p","A1: q","A4: A1=>u"],"defeat":["A4>A5"]}

GET aifdb/<argument>

Description: evaluates the provided argument ID in AIFdb, returning a JSON description.